API Multiple Trust Orders, Request Returns Less Than 100
Operation Guide/API Documentation

Rest API

www.bcb.imProvides Users With A Simple Yet Powerful API Designed To Help Users Quickly And Efficiently www.bcb.imTrading Functions Integrated Into Their Own Applications 。

If You Have Any Questions During Use, Please Contact Us Technical Discussion QQ Group :,We Will Make The Most Authoritative Answer For You 。

Quotes API

Get www.bcb.imLatest Market Data

Interface Description
https://api.bcb.im/data/v2/ticker Quotes
https://api.bcb.im/data/v2/depth Market Depth
https://api.bcb.im/data/v2/trades History Of The Transaction
https://api.bcb.im/data/v2/kline K Line

Trading API

Used www.bcb.imFast Trading

Interface Description
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/order Commission Orders
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/cancel Cancel The Delegate
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getOrder Get Commission Orders Or Sell Orders
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getOrders API Multiple Trust Orders, Request Returns Less Than 100
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getAccountInfo Get User Information
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getUserAddress Get User Recharge Address
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getWithdrawRecord Get A Digital Asset Withdrawal Record
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getChargeRecord Get Digital Asset Recharge Record
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getCnyWithdrawRecord Get RMB Cash Withdrawal Records
https://api.bcb.im/api/v2/getCnyChargeRecord Get RMB Recharge Record

Error Code

All API Method Calls Return JSON Error Object On Request Failed Or Unknown Error Encountered 。

Code Description
0000 The Call Was Successful
1000 System Exception
2000 Illegal Access
2001 accessKeyCan Not Be Empty
2002 accessKeyIllegal
2011 timestampIncorrect Format
2012 timestampDeviation From Server Time
2021 signCan Not Be Empty
2022 Signature Is Inconsistent
2023 Signature Failed
2031 The Business Parameter Can Not Be Empty
3000 User Status Is Abnormal
3001 Insufficient Wallet Balance
3100 Unsupported Transaction
3101 Closing The Transaction For The Current Time Period
3102 Transaction Price Is Not Within Reasonable Limits
3103 Transaction Amount Is Not Within Reasonable Limits
3104 Commission Failed
3105 Order Revocation Failed
3106 Revocation Of All Orders Failed
3107 Failed To Get The Order Information
3108 Unsupported Currency
3109 More Than Daily Cash Withdrawal
3110 More Than The Maximum Daily Withdrawal Amount
3111 Need To Bind Phone Or Email
3112 Requires Real-name Authentication
3113 Abnormal Account Is Frozen, If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Customer Service
3114 User Prohibited Cash Withdrawal, If In Doubt, Please Contact Customer Service
3115 Close Out
3116 Cash Withdrawal Is Less Than The Minimum Value
3117 Need To Set The Transaction Password
3118 Trading Password Error Exceeded The Maximum Number Of The Day
3119 Trading Password Is Incorrect
3120 Insufficient User Balance
3121 Pickup Address Is Not Verified
3122 Request Frequency Is Too High, Please Wait A Moment
3123 No Corresponding Address

The Sample Code

Currently Supports JAVA Version. Other Language Versions Will Be Supported One After Another. If You Have Any Questions During Use, Please Contact Us API Technology QQ Group : ,We Will Help You Solve Technical Problems The First Time 。

Signature: First Encrypt The Secretkey With Sha, And Then Sign The Requested Parameters According To The Encrypted Secretkey. Sort The Parameters According To The Parameter List Of The Above Interface, Fill The 16-bit Encryption With Md5

public void order() throws Exception {
    HashMap<String, Object> paramMap = new LinkedHashMap();
    paramMap.put("method", "order");
    paramMap.put("accesskey", accessKey);
    paramMap.put("price", "0.00005418");
    paramMap.put("amount", "1");
    paramMap.put("tradeType", "0");
    paramMap.put("currency", "btm_btc");
    String result = restTemplate.getForObject(domainUrl + "order?method={method}" +
            "&accesskey={accesskey}&price={price}&amount={amount}&tradeType={tradeType}¤cy={currency}" +
            "&sign={sign}&reqTime={reqTime}", String.class, paramMap);
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Frequently Questions

Access Restrictions

1. Single User Limit Per 1Seconds Can Only Request Data Once 。